Nicole Abadi, LMFT, Long Beach Anxiety Therapist

Nicole Abadi, LMFT

(818) 477-3641


Anxiety, Trauma, Couples

Also speaks: Farsi, Persian

Not Accepting Clients
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Danielle Raghib, ACSW

(562) 314-3889

Specialties: Children/teens and Mood Disorders

Only speaks: English

Accepting Limited Clients
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Sarah Malik, AMFT

(310) 863-7067


Chronic Illness, DV,

and Depression

Also speaks: Urdu,

Punjabi, Hindi

Accepting Clients
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Angel Cabello, ACSW


(562) 472-1101


Substance Abuse, Trauma, Family Therapy

Also speaks: Spanish

Accepting Clients
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3780 Kilroy Airport Way Suite 200

Long Beach, CA 90806


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