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Meet our amazing team of therapists!

The therapeutic relationship is by far the most important aspect of successful treatment. Each clinician has a different approach to therapy as well as different specialties. They also accept different insurances and have different schedules. Click on each therapist to read their bio, specialties, theoretical style, languages offered, and availability. Do your research to determine which therapist would be the best match for your needs. 

Nicole Abadi, LMFT

Nicole Abadi, LMFT, Long Beach Anxiety Therapist
  • Nicole Abadi Instagram
  • Nicole Abadi LMFT Yelp
  • PsychologyToday

Dana Boggio, LMFT

Dana Boggio, AMFT
  • Psychology Today

Sarah Malik, AMFT

  • sarah malik's instagram
  • PsychologyToday

Renee Borrows, AMFT

Renee Borrows, AMFT, therapist at LBC Wellness
  • PT

Brian Ilagan, ASW

Brian Ilagain MSW
  • Psychology Today

Ashley Rendon, AMFT

Ashley Rendon AMFT
  • Psychology Today
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